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Wild Rose Moon is a different kind of event space. Our space is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, reunions, and family celebrations of every kind. In addition, Wild Rose Moon sponsors its own events, including concerts, theatricals, workshops, trainings, educational events, literary events, game nights, dances, and puppet shows. Our mission is simple: Wild Rose Moon means to be a home where arts, ideas, and events can be celebrated in service to our community. In that sense, Wild Rose Moon belongs to everyone who comes in and out of its doors and we would like our patrons to feel the same kind of creative excitement we do whenever we host an event here. We welcome your participation and involvement in the life of Wild Rose Moon and we hope you feel free to present your own ideas to us, so we might promote and celebrate them together. We believe a vibrant community is built from the creative participation of all its citizens. So what would you like to see happen here? A jazz night? An evening of poetry? A discussion of books? Gardening? Cooking? It’s up to you.